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  • Vests for Women

    Female Friendly Body Armor The lack of appropriate gender-friendly protective vests is increasingly becoming a cause for concern among policewomen ...
  • Steel dipped in Dragon's Blooc

    Damascus steel, also known as Damascened steel and sometimes watered steel, now commonly refers to two types of steel used in custom knife and swor...
  • Chose your gear wisely

    Purchasing Body Armor If you are thinking of buying body armor or an armored vest, plate carrier, ballistic vest, or bullet resistant clothing keep...
  • You will survive

    In many of the venues where active shooter events occur there are few options to find cover or concealment.
  • Protect yourself during mass casualty events

    Practice your plan until it's second nature.

    Body armor explained Body armor is constantly adapting to the needs of changing combat and technological advancements. Body armor offers advanced p...
  • Surviving a mass shooting.

    Death toll rises to 50 Fifty people were killed and another 50 worshipers were wounded in the attack in New Zealand, Christ Church Police Commissio...
  • Luck won't give you peace of mind

    We are all born with a bag of luck, but there is a hole in it. Do you want to rely on luck when confronted by violence? You probably have heard abo...
  • Fight how you train

    "in most homes, the bedrooom or bathroom door can be breached easily and they also offer no ballistic value"