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Spear Karambit (Large)

Spear Karambit (Large)

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Own a piece of history.

Damascus blades have been known to have superior cutting power since 500AD.

We forge all of our own Damascus steel from 1095/15N20. Which are welded and folded many times to get required layers and pattern. After forging the blades are normalized, profiled, annealed, surface ground, bevel ground, polished, buffed, etched, buffed again, sharpened, cleaned, oiled, and inspected at least 2 times before being shipped. Heat treating system for 30% greater toughness and superior edge holding. , heat treated to an HRC 58-59.

The Spear Karambit is designed based on the tiger claw like they did in ancient Sumatra. Known as one of the world's deadliest blades in hand to hand combat. Combined with the Damascus technique of blade making our Spear Karambit will not only be an effective tool but a keepsake you can pass down to your next generation of warrior. 

Quality Standards

Handmade by skilled workers with over 30+ years experience. Uniquely, designed to be sharp,  and elegant. Matchless design with sharp blade and Incredible hand grip for excellent balanced.

Micarta Sheets made with cloths and Resin + Hardener. Cloth sheets absorb resin + hardener press with hydraulic press.

Our Damascus steel hardness about 58-59 HRC.

J2 got 57-58 HRC and D2, 440c got 60+ HRC.